Only a few weeks left to access skills funding for PAS 2030/35

We will hold your hand through the process and provide funding

Over 200 individuals have already come through Eco Academy to prepare for PAS 2030/35, and we have a limited amount time left for funded help.

Getting the right qualifications and foundations in place ready for your organisation to gain PAS 2030 and be compliant with PAS 2035 has a whole host of benefits. These include:

  • Eligible for contracts
    • Compliance is key to becoming eligible to deliver contracts for public and private sectors
  • Funding
    • Having PAS 2030 in place means that your customers can benefit from funded installation under schemes such as ECO and LA Flex
  • Future proofing your business
    • Stipulating that contractors must have PAS 2030 is growing
  • Trust and Confidence
    • Being certified to the standard demonstrates that you are a robust business, so buyers are more likely to choose your business over a non-certified contractor
  • Performance
    • Maintaining PAS 2030 ensures that your business culture is to constantly assess and improve, resulting in all round better performance

There is limited time to access funded skills and support to get your business PAS 2030/35 ready.

For more information contact our team today on or complete our PAS 2030 assessment form to start the process.