Removing the barriers


Get subsidised funding towards training, consultancy and qualifications

Removing the barrier of cost to get PAS 2030 ready

One of the key issues to getting ready for PAS 2030 certification is the cost; particularly for smaller businesses or individuals looking to grow their opportunities.

However, there are various funding avenues that we will go down to help you reduce the cost to your business.

We understand how costly getting ready for PAS 2030 can be, so we have worked hard to find funding to help our customers along. On top of this we also have a flexible finance scheme to help spread your payments, taking away the barrier of cost to get you where you want to be.

Every client that comes to Eco Academy will go through an assessment so that we can determine which funding streams you would be eligible for.

This is up to 70% in some cases which significantly reduces your outgoings to get your PAS 2030 ready.